We love the earth and its produce

We love the earth and its produce

Excited about our work

We respect the environment

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Who are we

Fruita Seca Teixidó, SL is an almond crusher founded in 1979 that is dedicated to the purchase of Spanish almonds in shell, their processing and the commercialization of raw almonds. We are a family company located in Seròs, Lleida, and we enjoy more than 40 years of experience in this sector.

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We buy conventional and organic almonds in shell and select the different varieties.


We sell almonds in grain both to private customers and to national and international agri-food companies.


Peel, dry and store the almonds.

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Ask us for the quantity and variety of almonds that best suit your needs!

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Elongated and flat almond, pointed and intensely flavored.

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Mixture of several varieties, unevenly.

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Almond with a crunchy, round texture and a very sweet taste.

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Environmental sustainability

We work to take care of the environment that surrounds us and collaborate to create a sustainable future. We take advantage of all the by-products of the almond; so we generate zero waste.


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Quality and nutrition

We have a large team of professionals who follow up carefully. In addition, we collaborate with external laboratories to control the quality of the product.

Almonds as a source of health.

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From the earth · km0


From the earth · km0


From the earth · km0

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Ctra. Granja d’Escarp, km. 13,850 · 25183 Seròs (Lleida) · 973 780 008


Subsidized project call 2016.2: “Improvement of the automatic selection process”.

Installation of a new electronic classifier that allows us to guarantee a finished product of the highest quality.

Subsidized project call 2020: “Improvement of the breaker”

The action taken consists of the addition to our facilities of a new almond crusher, two drum selectors of rods and a catúfol elevator in order to be more efficient and to be able to take on the growth in production.

A forklift with tipping system and scale has also been purchased.

Subsidized project call 2021: “Improvement of the mechanical selection system”.

The investment made has been the installation of a new catúfol elevator and a calibrator/separator to take on the increase in almond production in the territory.

Subsidy from the European Union for a photovoltaic installation

This project has been supported by the installation of solar panels on a 50KW roof in order to promote sustainable energy for self-consumption.


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